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Welcome to Lawyers Weekly Jobs. Are you an attorney looking for work? The legal market isn't what it used to be. Prior to 2008, the legal industry was growing, driving thousands of college grads to law schools across the nation. Then came the collapse of the housing industry and a sharp downturn in the legal industry.

American Bar Association employment statistics showed that only 60% of the 2015 graduating law school class held full-time, long-term jobs requiring bar passage.

However, we are now seeing an improvement in legal employment. According to the latest ABA employment statistics, 75.3 percent of the 2017 graduating class was employed in the legal industry 10 months after graduation.

The entry-level market continues to be challenging, especially for the majority of law school grads seeking a job in "big law." According to the latest data, large firms (those with 500 or more attorneys), hire from a limited number of schools. Approximately two-thirds of the 4,000 job in big law go to graduates of top 20 law schools.

Now more than ever attorneys need all the help they can get when seeking a job. To that end, we put together a list of resources for attorneys at any level of their career looking for a job. Whether you graduated from law school yesterday or have 20 years experience in the legal field, we provide tips to help you land that next job.

We know that finding work as an attorney can be challenging. Given the shortage of legal work, you want to make sure you perfect your application, resume, and brush up on your interview skills.

Find out more by visiting us often. If you're an attorney and wish to contribute helpful information and insight for your fellow counselors, please submit it via our contact info.

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San Diego Attorney Vikas Bajaj

Are you considering a career in criminal defense? Every month we feature a different attorney who will provide insight into his or her legal practice area. Our goal is to provide our readers practical insight from those working in the legal industry.

This month we feature Vikas Bajaj, a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, CA. For the past 16 years, Mr. Bajaj has worked exclusively in criminal law, handling both state and federal cases. His practice areas include domestic violence, drug crimes, theft crimes, and many more. He has developed an excellent reputation with his peers and prosecutors, and is regularly featured on both local and national news.

For undergrad, Mr. Bajaj attended University of California – San Diego. He then attended top-ranked University of Texas – Austin School of Law. During his time at UT-Austin, he focused on trial lawyering skills by participating in the trial litigator program.

We asked Mr. Bajaj about getting into a career in criminal defense. Like many legal professionals, he started his career by working for several different established attorneys in the San Diego, CA area. After a few years, he began to branch out on his own. According to Mr. Bajaj, the most difficult aspect of going solo is getting clients and keeping overhead low. To grow his practice, he kept his rent and staffing low, while focusing the bulk of his budget on marketing and advertising.

When asked what advice he has for young attorneys, he says, “Focus on learning your craft. Become the best attorney you can be. Impress people in court, including the judge and opposing counsel. Being a strong legal advocate should be your first priority – then focus on the business aspect of it. The biggest mistake I see new attorneys make is having too many fixed costs too early in their career. Make sure you spend your money on marketing. Wait until you develop your client base to upgrade the office.”



Our new feature civil litigation attorney featured this month is Boris Lavent. Mr. Lavent is the founder and owner of Lavent Law -, a personal injury law firm in Miami, FL.

Mr. Lavent attended the prestigious University of Chicago School of Law where he graduated with honors. After graduating, he moved back to his hometown of Miami, FL to begin his legal practice.

Attorney Lavent was interested in practicing personal injury law because he enjoys working closely with clients. We asked him about the challenges of starting a new law firm.

"I think the most challenging aspect has been the marketing for personal injury. It seems like everyone is doing everything they can to get leads, so you have to be really aggressive to get leads," Mr. Lavent told us. "After a few bumps in the road, I finally got leads coming in and am looking forward to fighting for my clients."

We asked him about advice for new attorneys. "I would say really focus on what you love doing. If you love criminal law, then focus on that. At the end of the day, the attorneys that last are the ones doing what they love."

Read more about Mr. Lavent's experience.



This month we feature attorney Richard Morse III from San Diego, CA. As the managing partner at Injury Trial Lawyers, APC, and a San Diego personal injury attorney, Mr. Morse wears two hats throughout the day.

Mr. Morse attended the University of Vermont School of Law and has spent his entire career working in plaintiff-side personal injury matters.

Prior to joining Injury Trial Lawyers, APC, Mr. Morse learned about tort law by working with a defense-side civil attorney. During this time, he learned firsthand about the way insurance companies attempt to minimize settlements. When asked what impact this experience had on him, Mr. Morse explained, "It made me realize that I have to be really good at what I do. When you're dealing with insurance companies, you're dealing with really experienced people."

We asked him about the challenges involved in managing a personal injury firm. Mr. Morse told us, "It's a 24/7 job. There's always something you can be doing to grow the business."

We also asked him what someone interested in pursuing a career in personal injury should consider. "You definitely want to make sure you have a passion for this type of law. It's a lot of work, and you have to love it or you might burn out."

Find out more about Mr. Morse by visiting


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