Best Sites To Find Legal Content Writing Jobs

Busy lawyers may not have the time to devote to their online marketing strategy – if they have one. Hiring a legal content writer may be the solution if you aren’t sure where to start with content marketing or if you have great ideas for thought leadership pieces but don’t have the time to properly flesh them out.

Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing ways for businesses in any industry, including law, to grow their online presence and attract new clients.

What Does a Legal Content Writer Do?

Legal content writers create informative, well-researched, and engaging content on topics related to the legal field. These can include web pages for a law firm’s website, press releases of important events, thought leadership pieces or blogs, social media content, and whitepapers.

Because so many consumers begin searching for a lawyer online, having a law firm website that ranks highly in search results is critical for visibility to new clients. In fact, more people turn to Google than to friends or family when they need an attorney.

Content marketing benefits legal clients in three ways:

  • Helps clients find you by appealing to web search bots that list websites
  • Engages potential clients and boosts conversion rates
  • Establishes you and your law firm as a trusted authority on a topic or area of law

Investing in content marketing boosts your online presence and places your law firm where most of your clients are – online.

Where To Find Legal Content Writers

Many freelance legal writers work with professional job boards and sites that link clients (i.e., law firms and attorneys) with writers. Both clients and writers benefit from using sites like these, primarily because these sites have certain protections.

For law firms, the site will vet the writers before allowing them access to jobs and clients, often through certain writing tests. Sites keep track of the reliability and performance of their writers, so potential clients know they will receive the work they pay for.

The writers, in turn, have the guarantee of payment through the site and trust that the job board has vetted clients before allowing them to post jobs.

Here are a few of the most popular sites, along with the pros and cons:


Upwork allows clients to set their budget, whether hourly or by piece or word count. Clients have access to thousands of freelancers, who will bid on the posted jobs and submit proposals, resumes, and writing samples.

However, Upwork writers range in skill from entry-level to those who speak English as a second language to true experts. Sometimes, it may take a little trial and error before finding the right writer for your firm.


Many professional content writers have a LinkedIn profile, allowing you to find out more about them before hiring. LinkedIn professionals often want to develop a name for themselves and may have sample pieces available for potential clients to review.

However, some writers may not realize that LinkedIn is more than just a professional networking site; it also has a job board. You may need to specifically reach out to writers who catch your eye.


Indeed is an aggregated database that streamlines the search process for writers looking for jobs. Simply post the job, and interested writers will apply. However, Indeed is large, and you may only get your job in front of the right candidates if you pay for a sponsored posting.


ProBlogger is one of the most respected content writing job boards and a great place to find quality writers. However, the rates are higher than on other job boards, and there are fewer writers here than on other sites.

Do You Need a Qualified Legal Writer?

You may miss out on many potential clients if you have yet to explore content marketing to promote your law firm’s website. Pairing with a reliable legal content writer or legal marketing agency can help increase traffic to your website.

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