How Participating in Mock Trials in Law School Can Help Your Legal Career

While you are in law school, you should be thinking about how to stand out from your classmates in the job search market.

Enhance Your Resume

While internships and clerkships look great on your resume, you don’t want to take chances in a sluggish economy. You need an extra edge. Participating in mock trials while in law school gives you the opportunity to learn skills and build your resume.

Some law school mock trial programs participate in national competitions such as the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Trial Advocacy Competition or the American Association of Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition. You may win the competition, which is an extra bonus on your resume.

Some private law firms and public sector jobs, such as a public defender’s office or prosecutor’s office, look for this experience to determine which candidates are ready to dive right into litigation work.  Participating in mock trials will also show that you have the commitment and the desire to do trial work.

An Opportunity at Hands-On Learning

Mock trials offer you the ability to gain standout skills that can’t be taught in the classroom. You can gain confidence while honing trial skills. You may even get some credits.

During mock trial prep, you will learn real trial prep skills. You will engage in all the stages of a trial, including opening statements, direct and cross-examination, and closing statements. You will even have to utilize rules of evidence in a courtroom setting. You will learn everything you need to conduct a trial. These skills are extremely important if you are hoping to do trial work after law school.

During a mock trial, students will play the roles of prosecutors and defense attorneys. The presiding judge and the jurors are licensed attorneys with trial experience. Sometimes even sitting judges participate. These attorneys and judges will then score the mock trial teams and offer feedback.

The confidence gained in a mock trial program will come across during job interviews and, most importantly, your first day in an actual courtroom. No classroom lecture can beat the hands-on learning opportunity of a mock trial during law school.

The Opportunity to Experience the Life of a Litigator

This is your chance to put the skills you learned in the classroom to use in a safe setting before you are on your feet in a real-life trial. You will get a glimpse into the world of litigation that might help you get a feel for whether this area of law is right for you. You may find that trial work is not the career path you want to follow. Or, a mock trial may fuel your desire to become a trial attorney and give you the confidence boost you need, along with some great material for your resume.

Regardless of where the law takes you, mock trial will give you experiences that can translate into many areas of legal practice. Even if you do not go into trial law, it is beneficial to see what goes on in the courtroom. You should maximize all the opportunities available to you while in law school. Mock trials are an invaluable experience that sharpens your skills, builds confidence, and looks wonderful on your resume. Visit Lawyers Weekly Jobs regularly for career tips.

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